1. Still pulling more goodies out of the water bath! #food52gram #canning

  2. Canning and pickling! #food52gram

  3. Soulmate

  4. All of this turns into pickles and jams tomorrow night! #canningparty


  6. More baby shower invites going out… Gold edges and little birdies.

  7. Watercolor experiments on the back porch today. #patterns

  8. Saturday donut dreams coming true. (at Revolution Doughnuts)

  9. @smpliving went behind the scenes at the LA @iheartblogshop ! Head over to style me pretty for the Q&A w @designlovefest + @angelakohler * tap the pic to see the goodie bag contents… Ahem - my stamp! Photo cred: @monicawangphoto

  10. Inspiration from an afternoon walk… #shadows

  11. Summer heirlooms for dinner…

  12. @stringtheoryhome Kantha Quilts ❤️ wondering how many is too many for one home… (at AmericasMart Atlanta)

  13. My cobalt tea towel at the @hellogreatly London launch party! Regram from @tiff_grant_riley find details on her blog - www.curateanddisplay.co.uk

  14. Find me here. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The next day…. Blabla Trade Show Days are here! (at America’s Mart)

  15. Issue 22 of @uppercasemag is all about color! I opened up the latest issue to find my name in print on the snippets page! Whaaaa!? One of my favorite magazines and such a fun issue with ill ole me mentioned on the page. THANK YOU @uppercasemag