1. Beers in blue ridge #grumpyoldmenbrewing (at Fightingtown Tavern)

  2. Exploring in blue ridge on the way to a wedding… (at Smith Station Antiques)

  3. Perfect weather tonight! New patio is the best thing ever.

  4. #watermelonradish dinner prep. #patterns

  5. ATL->LAS->SAN->LAX->ATL Inspiration -> Back to work

  6. Nana | Grandma | Mema #peas #southern (at Dekalb Neigherhood Farmer’s Market)

  7. Byeeeeee California! LAX -> ATL #lacma

  8. Tasty Lunch @sqirl with old frieeeends @steadfastvintage @kathryn_lockett @jenmariehood (at Sqirl)

  9. Dinner with the KA @karenalweilstudio Ladies! (at Bestia DTLA)

  10. LACMA today for a little culture and inspiration… (at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

  11. #eggslut was delicioussssss (at Eggslut)

  12. Beautiful lunch (at Gjelina)

  13. ☀️#venicebeach (at Venice Beach)

  14. Korean! (at POT at the Line Hotel)

  15. Drinks and a sunset #bff (at lahaina beach house)