1. #patternsplease issue 21 of @uppercasemag ❤️

  2. 👭 (at West Egg Cafe)

  3. Friday! Saying goodbye to @graceblurry ! She’s off to get her ✈️ (at Blabla)

  4. S A L E ON @society6 ! Free shipping plus $5 off each item! Promo link on the blog- www. asensiblehabit.com/blog

  5. Braves game! (at Turner Field)

  6. Wisteria has the back yard smelling so nice. Painting and playing frisbee with the pup.

  7. Printz. - shop updates coming soon. #haveacoolsummer

  8. Patterns and color swatches #testingtesting

  9. OMG this weather (at Barcelona Wine Bar)

  10. Slowly investing in nice linens and getting the bedroom fixed up. These new linen sheets from AREA NY are a dream come true.

  11. Champagne please… (at The Westin Peachtree Plaza)

  12. Pretending to be out of towners downtown tonight. #tradervics

  13. Enjoying the weather with a little painting and experimenting.

  14. Aziz with @koshkaboo haaaaaaaay…. (at The Fox Theatre)

  15. @imogenewillie package on the doorstep. The weekend is off to an excellent start.